What can I expect from The Haunted Drive-Thru Experience? 

Guests will be protected by staying in their vehicles while making their way through the 1.5 km course that is filled with spooky props, lighting, décor and animatronics. Including a Graveyard, Giant Kraken, a Haunted Pumpkin Patch, Haunted Movie Studio and much, much more… All designed to provide a visual extravaganza to safely celebrate everyone’s favorite scary season from the safety of their car. 

Where is the event located? 

Located at #176 Cherry Street at the Docks

How long is the experience? 

Depending on the flow of traffic you will enjoy 30 to 45 minutes of this immersive experience! 

Will there be interaction with performers?

We are not trying to create an experience that relies on jolt scares and interaction with actors. This is not feasible or safe in the current pandemic climate. The car drive-thru adventure that we’ve designed will be the safest and most memorable experience offered anywhere this Halloween season! 

Is it a “drive it yourself”? 

Yes. You don’t need extraordinary driving skills. You will drive your car through a well laid out course.

Will there be strobe lights? 

This experience contains sequences of flashing lights which may affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitivities. 

I can’t make it to any of the dates available. Will you be having more sessions? 

We may announce additional tickets and time slots. Stay tuned! 


Where can I get tickets? 

On this website in the Tickets section.

Can I purchase tickets at the door? 

No. Tickets will need to be purchased prior to the event as we need to ensure the cars are properly allocated within each session. All tickets will be sold online. 

What are the different ticket options? 

Tickets are sold per car.

What is the limit of passengers per car and ticket? 

The limit of guests per car depends on your car’s maximum legal capacity.

What is your refund/exchange policy? 

All tickets are non-refundable. In special circumstances, we may be able to help reschedule your ticket to another date and session that has not already sold out. In case of applicable government restrictions or recommendations which result in a cancellation or delay of the experience, we will help with refunds or rescheduling tickets. Please contact info@torontoshines.ca for more information. Be sure to include your ticket order number. 

Do I need to print my ticket? 

No, ticket validation can be scanned from your mobile phone or from a printed ticket. 

Can I pay my ticket with cash?

No. Cash payment will not be possible. All tickets will be sold online. 


Is this a kid-friendly environment? 

This event is recommended for ages 13+. Younger children may come at their parents’ discretion as there are some scary experiences along the way. 

What is the dress code? 

Dressing up for Halloween is highly encouraged.

Do I need to arrive at the start of my scheduled session? 

Yes, please arrive during your scheduled time stated on your ticket so we can guarantee your admittance.

What happens if I arrive late? 

Latecomers may not be admitted. In special circumstances, we may be able to help reschedule your ticket to another session time that has not already sold out.

What if I have any questions about accessibility / special accommodations? 

Please email our customer service team at info@torontoshines.ca and we will advise on how we can best assist you. 

Will restrooms be available on site? 

Please note there are no restrooms once you’ve entered the Drive-Thru Experience. 

What happens if I need assistance or want to make an emergency exit mid show? 

Please alert our friendly staff, present throughout the experience, and they will guide you to the exit. Unfortunately, you will not be able to reenter the experience if you leave early. 

Can the experience be done without a car? 


Are there any vehicles which are not permitted? 

The following will not be granted access to the event: Bicycles, motorcycles or scooters, cars with trailer attachments, minibuses (7+ seats), buses, RVs, limos, long wheelbase vans and HGVs. 

Is there a restriction on the height of vehicles? 

Yes, all vehicles must be under 7′ in height to enter the experience. 

Can I coordinate my booking with another car? 

You can purchase multiple tickets for the same time session, although the specific position of each car within the group cannot be guaranteed unless you arrive at the same time.

What happens if it rains?

We are open rain or shine. 


Is it COVID secure and safe? 

This experience was designed to accommodate measures that mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19. It will not dampen the fun but we put the safety of our guests and staff first. You do not need to leave your vehicle at any time and we advise you to stay in the car for the duration of the experience. 

Can I take photos or record the experience?

There are lots of spooky and fun opportunities to take photos of throughout the Haunted Drive-Thru and we encourage you to post your photos #toronto.shines